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Steps to editing your Studio in a box footage.

While the Studio in a box was built with ease of mind for the talent to record professional-grade videos, it was also built for a production house or editor to maximize the footage you have recorded. The footage in most cases will need to be edited, color corrected and the audio mastered before distribution.

Step 1. Locate the Memory Card

On the left side of the camera is where we will access the memory card slots for your studio in a box. This is the same side as the record button.


The access door to the memory card slots is located on the back left corner.

To access the memory card slots, slide the door toward the back of the camera.


The spring loaded door opens so you can access the media slots.


Step 2. Remove the Memory Card

Your Blackmagic pocket cinema camera has 2 memory card slots ( 1x CFast 2.0 and 1 x SD card slot)

The CFast 2.0 card slot will be the larger and empty slot.

To remove the SD card, gently push the SD card in and then release to eject it. 


Step 3. Prepare for Editing

Once you have the SD card removed for your Camera, take your SD card to your computer. 

Most computers come with an SD card reader but if not you will need one to access your footage.

Link to a USB-C SD card reader or Link to a USB SD card reader


Once you have the SD card connected to your computer,  you will be able to access your footage.


Most computers will not be able to play the footage directly from the SD card, 

So we have provided a link to download the footage codec needed for playback and editing.

Step 4. Editing your Footage

Open the editing program on your computer and begin editing.

If you do not have any editing software here is a link to a free editing software.


We at The Lab can also help you by editing your footage remotely.

To begin that process click here.

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